What Is Intoxication?


A person is considered intoxicated if he/she has consumed enough alcohol or drugs that their mood and physical and mental abilities are noticeably affected, causing mental or physical impairments, such as slurred speech, difficulty walking, or disorientation.


Study done by Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research:-

1.  About 3% of drivers in fatal accidents were tested positive for alcohol.

2.  A drunk driver is 13 times more likely to cause an accident compared to a sober one.


There’s are legal consequences when you drink and drive. Section 44 of the Road Transport Act 1987 is the most direct way you can be liable for a drunk driving charge.


It also an Exclusion under General Insurance Accident Policy as per clause 2 stated below:

Prevention is better than cure, hence

1.  Never drink and drive:

     If you want to drink don’t drive; If you want to drive don’t drink.

2.  Stop for a rest if you are feeling tired;

3.  Ask a friend to fetch you home if you feel sick, dizzy or giddy; and

4.  Be mindful of the quantity of alcohol consume during social gathering.

5.  Avoid driving after taking medication as some might have site effect such as drowsiness, nausea and blurred vision.


Last but no least, you can always catch a Cab or other E-hailing services after you have consume alcohol or medication as your carelessness might cause your  life and the life of others.


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