Review Your Insurance… Have You Done It?

COVID-19 pandemic has drastically caused many uncertainties, changes and forces all of us to adapt to the NEW NORMAL in our daily life. Businesses are distracted and immediate action need to be taken NOW to continue surviving.


You are urgently needed to review your business-related insurance policies, firstly to ensure that they provide the needed protection to meet the latest requirements and secondly to cut down some premium costs on the unnecessary area of coverage due to business restructuring or downsizing.


We need also to re-confirm that all relevant fire policy coverage are not affected by restrictions imposed by the MCO. In short, policyholders are assured continuity of cover despite their premises not occupied during the MCO period.  This exemption however is not applicable to premises unoccupied prior to or not related to the MCO.


Insurance companies are making every effort to ensure that their customers or policyholders continued to be served within the parameters of their respective contracts or agreements. In this respect, not all insurance companies are providing the same coverages for an insurance policy. It is advisable to contact your respective insurers or insurance agents or brokers for any assistance/clarifications on your property insurance policies. Be aware that there may be unscrupulous parties which are prepared to make promises that cannot be met by your insurance company.


Under the current de-tariff environment, policy coverages, terms and conditions may differ between insurers. As insurers strive for product differentiation for the benefit of consumers, what is covered in one policy may not be covered in another policy. Consumers are therefore advised to shop around for the best protection that cater to their needs.


You are welcome to consult us at Dindings Corporate Insurance Agency (DCIA) for assistance!

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