While making smart insurance decisions may not be the most exciting New Year’s resolution, it is probably one of the most important. With the New Year comes the possibility of opportunity and growth. However, the New Year also brings 365 days of the unexpected.

Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. Review Your Insurance Policy
For example, if you originally insured your home for RM100,000 but after making several upgrades over a decade coupled with rising of building materials, you’ll realize it will now cost RM200,000 to rebuild your house. Therefore you will need to increase the Sum Insured of your house policy.

2. Know What Your Policies Covers
To be better prepared when an event occurs, take the time to check the details of your insurance contract. Don’t just set the policies aside in a drawer without looking at the details and understand how the benefits works.

3. Get a Long-Term PA & Medical Coverage
Is your existing policy only covers up to aged 65? What happens if accidents happens or you get sick after your retirement age? Look for insurance plans where their age limits is higher eg up to 100 years old so that you are still protected even during your golden years.

4. Educate Yourself
Are you confident in making Financial decision? If not, why not take a little time to learn more about financial & insurance concepts to help you make better decision.

5.Explore New Digital Channels
Whether it’s to help choose the insurance product that fits you, to manage your financial decision or simply to ask your insurer for question, technology provides a wide range of tools that may offer fast and more convenient options.

Kick off the New Year with better prepared
Don’t get caught this new year without adequate insurance coverage. Look at your insurance as a safety net protecting you from the unexpected. Reviewing your policies on an annual basis will help you save money and minimize stress when life’s complications happen.

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