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We, Dindings Corporate Insurance Agency (DCIA) are grateful not only for your continued support and partnership, but also your friendship. Thank you and applaud your continued backing in the coming future. Here is a toast to you!
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Planning for a family Trip BUT worry about the two dangerous viral infections? Covid-19 and Dengue are two dangerous viral infections that are on-going in our communities. If you are infected and require hospitalization, your daily life and routine may be seriously disrupted.
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Review Your Insurance… Have You Done It?

COVID-19 pandemic has drastically caused many uncertainties, changes and forces all of us to adapt to the NEW NORMAL in our daily life. Businesses are distracted and immediate action need to be taken NOW to continue surviving.
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The future trend of Medical Insurance

Do you know that Malaysia was ranked No.2 out of 13 countries in Asia in terms of medical costs? Last year, medical costs in the country increased 13.1%, mainly due to the availability and adoption of new medical technologies and equipment.
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WHAT is Insurance and WHY do we need it?

Imagine you’re driving your car during raining days and suddenly lose control, hit the road divider and damages your car. If you have a Comprehensive car insurance, the insurance company will pay the costs of the car repairs as well as the cost of repairing the road divider if the road authorities come against you on the road damages caused by you.
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