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Is Your Valuable Home Protected?

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. It contains all your belongings, memories and comforts. It makes sense then, that ensuring it is fully secure is one of the most important things you can do. We know that despite the best security protection measures that we put in place, there is still the risk of theft, damage and natural disasters occurring that we can never fully eliminate. These things can impact our lives and destroy our homes in more ways than one. To protect your home should any of these issues occur, you’ll need home insurance.
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Planning For Year End Holiday?

Having travel insurance is like having a safety net to make sure that you’re covered financially if something goes wrong while traveling. With travel insurance, you will receive financial compensation to help you for things like buying a new flight ticket, temporary accomodation until the next available flight, medical expenses and even emergency medical assistance which normally will cost you a furtune.
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How to Waive “Betterment” for your motor policy

The basic premise of a motor insurance policy is to put the owner in the same condition as he would have been in before an accident occurs. Betterment will apply, when in the course of repairing an accident-damaged vehicle, a new part is used to replace an old part. Betterment is a portion of the cost that consumers will have to bear when the damaged part of the vehicle is replaced with a brand-new original part.
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5 Reason to Outsource Insurance Services

It has become a matter of constant debate, whether one should outsource insurance services or not. While outsourcing offers a broad array of benefits, including cost savings and other such advantages, there are many less quantifiable or tangible benefits which outsourcing brings. Why should you outsource insurance services to a proper setup Agency?
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The Importance of “Public Liability Insurance”

A public liability insurance policy will protect your business from claim made by third parties for injuries to the person, or damage to property caused as a result of your business activities. If the above said steel company has the “Public Liability Insurance” in place, then they are protected!
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The best travel insurance for you

What is the 3 most important travel protection that we are looking for? What is the biggest worry when travelling? - Flight Delay or Cancel - Luggage Delay of Missing - You'll Get Sick Medical Expenses is the third most important protection, when we look for Travel Insurance.
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