You hope it never happens, but sometimes things go awry. You’ve been hit with a loss and would like to claim against your insurance company.

Contact your insurance agent immediately to notify about the loss as they are your primary contact when it comes to insurance related matters.

What is stopping fast claim settlement?

1.  Delay in claim notification.

2.  Incomplete or delay in submitting claim documents.

3.  Ambiguous or not clear insurance coverages.

4.  Insufficient or lack of evidence regarding the loss or damages.

5.  Overstating or unreasonable claim amount.

6.  Uncooperative

7.  Delay in the claim processing

8.  Too many multiple touchpoints in claim handling.

9.  Lack of experience in claim handling.

10. Poor claim process.


For fast claim settlement: –

1.  Understand the Claims SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

2. Contact your insurance agent and seek advice on what forms or documents are required to support the claim.  


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