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We understand that no matter how good your driving skills are, accident can happens anytime anywhere.
With a Comprehensive Private Vehicle Insurance, you can rest assured that your vehicle is covered against accidental damage, fire or theft. The policy will also covers any third-party liabilities such as injury or death to the other party or damage to their vehicle.

To know more information related to Motor Insurance, you may watch the video at the below link:-

Travel with a piece of mind. Protect your family and yourself against accidents and any unexpected events anywhere in the world.
Travel insurance provide coverage for accidental death, bodily injury, and any travel inconvenience such as flight delay or baggage damage. Don’t let unexpected events ruin your holiday and sign up for a travel insurance plan with us now.

You have spent years of your saving for your dream house and why let one moment of fire or theft incident to ruin everything you’ve built? This policy covers the private dwelling house, flat or apartments and house contents against fire, lighting, explosion, flood, bursting of water pipe or by any perils mentioned in the insurance policy.

We believe your health is your greatest wealth, hence the importance of having heath insurance early due to escalating healthcare coasts and medical advances.
Being covered under a carefully planned health insurance policy can definitely protect you and your family against any financially disastrous losses that arise from an accidents or illness.

Accidents arises without any warning. Although you cannot prevent accidents, you can protect yourself and your family from the consequences. A personal accident plan lets you build a unique policy around your age and finances to protect you effectively when the unthinkable happens.

Upon retirement, many senior citizens have all the time in the world to indulge in their favourite pastimes. However, they would need to take more care to avoid an accident. Senior Citizen Personal Accident Insurance provides the financial security that allows them to enjoy their Golden Years with peace of mind. Premiums are low and many benefits, such as longer disablement period, are specially tailored to their needs.

For golfers enthusiast, this policy covers golfers against liability, loss of or damage to golfing equipments and personal items, personal accident cover and of course, a hole-in-one award.

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