The current Pandemic has disrupted the normal business flow. School and companies are force to close, employees are required to work from home and large crowd gathering not allowed. This current situation has disrupted the normal processing flow of claim documents and causing claim delay mainly due to:-

 1.   Late submission of claim documents agents and insurers;

 2.   Delay in getting quotation for repair of damages from vendors;

 3.   Adjuster report are delay as not able to visit incident site since travel restriction & site closure.

4.   Processing delay as offices were closed due to positive cases detected;

 5.   Delay in receiving claim payment as insurers office were closed;

 6.   Delay in getting medical report from hospital as they were busy.


Hence, we thank you for your patience and kind understanding. From our experience we still received claim offer within 1-2 days for straight forward cases where all claim documents were fully completed.


We, Dindings Corporate Insurance Agency (DCIA) shall always do our best and put our client interest as top priority and look forward to your continued support.

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