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3 crucial purchases cannot afford NOT to make

You can perhaps go without that expensive winter edition bag, or those high-end shoes, or the sleek smartphone. Nothing is really going to happen if you do not own them. But, there are some important purchases in life, which you shouldn’t go without. Without them, you could be heading down a visible path of a financial nightmare not only for you, but for your family too.
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Motor Insurance Policy

If you are buying a policy against loss/damage to your vehicle, you must ensure that your vehicle is adequately insured as it will affect the amount you can claim in the event of loss/damage. For a new vehicle, the insured value will be the purchase price while for other vehicles, the insured value is the market value of the vehicle at the point you apply for the insurance policy.
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Malaysia 2015 Crime and Safety Report

There has been a noticeable increase in crime in Kuala Lumpur in 2014, including several reported assaults and robberies, sometimes involving weapons. Petty theft, particularly purse snatching and pickpocketing, and residential burglaries are the most common crimes committed against foreigners. Other types of non-violent criminal activity include credit card fraud and automobile theft.
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Dengue Fever in Malaysia

The number of dengue fever cases reported in Malaysia continues to increase year after year since 2011 and in 2015, we see the highest number of cases and deaths as the southeast Asian country topped 120,000 cases. More than half the cases were reported from Selangor state alone (62,000+).
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Flood and Motor Insurance

On the issue with leading insurance companies on flood damage revealed that the insurance company will not bear the cost of the damage if the client has not purchased an extension on their coverage policy. “Damages of floods will only be covered if they purchase an extension on their policy which includes natural disasters like floods etc.
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8 Crucial Safety Tips For Women Driving Alone

Women drivers are generally more vulnerable to be targeted by criminals and aggressive drivers on the road. So if you’re a lady and drive alone often, follow these steps to stay safe from the dangers on the road.
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